Our good friend James Martin, a.k.a., is an Atlanta area film maker we meet a couple of years back during the Indy Grits Film Festival here in Columbia.  His latest project has a direct appeal to all of us in the spirits well as, those who simply like to enjoy a good cocktail. 

The New Orleans Sazerac is a documentary which explore the evolution of the famous New Orleans Sazerac cocktail from the early 1800’s through modern day with historical experts, contemporary bartenders, and even the father of the cocktail himself: Antoine Peychaud.

There are so many questions surrounding the Sazerac - Was it America's first cocktail? Why has it changed so much over time? How do contemporary interpretations measure up?  

We are proud to support James in his latest endeavor and hope you will also help bring this story to the screen.  For more information please visit The New Orleans Sazerac's Seed & Spark page.