BOVINOCHE! What is that???


If you eat meat, then you should plan to come to the Magnolia Lodge in Ridgeway, SC this Saturday, October 18.  It will be a grilled meat lovers paradise!!!

So, what is Bovinoche?  In short, it is a whole cow roasting party.  This event is modeled after the Argentinian whole cow roast “asado” style, over open flame. The guys will also be grilling a selection of other meats filled with cajun stuffings and surprises.  

Check out the menu:

ROUND 1: Yerba mate green tea sharing w/Picadas - cheeses, salami, ham and olive on a sticks burned beets and roasted peppers

ROUND 2: Burnt tomatoes/goat cheese and wild boar bruschetta 

ROUND 3: Sweetbread 3 bowl criollo salads with discussion of Argentine food culture and history by head of South American Studies, Dr. Gabrielle Kuenzli

ROUND 4: Morcilla, traditional blood sausage with Chorizo and smash burned spicy butter sweet potatoes

ROUND 5: WHOLE COW ROAST done Asador - Lamb al asador, goat al asador, cochon de lait whole hog with Chimichurri sauce and salsa Criollob (The feast commences!)

ROUND 6: Arroz con leche rice pudding with raisin dessert

There will be live music beginning at 3pm featuring The Blue Dogs, The Mustache Brothers and the Plowboys.   

The Copper Horse team will be on hand to serve special cocktails mixed exclusively for this event. 

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